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Access Cards and Parking Information

Post Oak Central is proud to have an on-site parking management team. With any questions, please visit the parking office located on the ground floor of Garage 3, next to the garage entrance.


Entrance to both the building and garage is gained by use of a single access card. Cards can be obtained by filling out a request form (included in this handbook). Return the completed form to the Management Office and the access card(s) will be available within (3) business days. The Management Office will then have the card(s) delivered to your suite or you may pick them up from the parking office.

Lost or stolen access cards should be immediately reported to the Management Office at 713-871-0500 so the missing card can be canceled and a new one issued. A fee may be required to replace the lost or stolen card. Should you or your employees find a card, please return it to either the Management Office or the Security Office.

Customers are responsible for retrieving access cards from individuals no longer in their employment or, for any reason, no longer require after-hours access. These cards are to be returned to the Management Office as soon as possible for cancellation.


After Normal Business Hours, the building is locked, and individuals must use their access card to gain entry to the building. Card Readers are located at each of the building’s main entrances and are equipped with an intercom, should you need assistance from our security staff.

NOTE: Individuals will not be granted access without a working access card or suite key unless their information can be verified by Security through contacting one of your approved emergency contacts and obtaining approval to grant access.


The campus has three parking garages; one dedicated to each building. You will be assigned a garage; and if required, an assigned parking space. Please make sure to insist that all employees park in their designated areas. The garages and surface lots are monitored throughout the day by parking and security staff.

Vehicles Requiring Service or Repair: Flat tires, dead batteries and windshield chips are permitted to occur in the parking garages. Anything above and beyond these services must be taken off the property for repairs. The owner/operator of a vehicle requiring towing must make arrangements with a towing service to have the vehicle removed. Please be sure to notify the Management Office if towing is required so that Security can be made aware.

Any parked vehicle that, in the judgment of the garage personnel, creates a dangerous situation (i.e. leaking gasoline, fire, etc...) will be removed from the garage at the owner’s expense. We will make every effort to get in touch with the owner during the process.

Destruction of Property: Any person who damages any property in a garage (i.e. breaking a gate, removing signs, etc.) either willfully or by accident will be held financially responsible for repairs or replacement. Willful destruction may also result in permanent loss of parking privileges and/or criminal charges.

Tow-Away Zones: “No Parking” zones/areas are those indicated as such by signs, red striping, and any area not specifically designed for parking. Many locations both inside the complex and surrounding areas are FIRE LANES. Parking in any of the above will result in immediate tow away. No warning will be given. These areas are patrolled and strictly enforced. Please caution your visitors and employees to park in appropriate areas to avoid towing of their vehicles.

Improper Use of Vehicles: Vehicles parked within Post Oak Central may not be used as living quarters even on a temporary basis. Additionally, animals may not be left unattended in vehicles.

Abandoned Vehicles: Any vehicle parked in a garage without being moved for a period of 14 days will be considered abandoned and may be removed from the garage at the owner’s expense. Evidence that the owner/operator of the vehicle is an authorized parker will not be considered.

Traffic Rules: All City of Houston and State of Texas traffic rules apply while driving in Post Oak Central.

The maximum speed limit in the garages and surface lots is 9 MPH. Lower speed limits may also be posted. Please be especially cautious when passing pedestrian crosswalks. Speed bumps and speed humps are put in place to slow drivers in various locations.

Any person receiving five or more violations in a twelve-month period may be suspended from parking within Post Oak Central for an indefinite period.


Visitor parking is available in the garages. Surface lots are for RETAIL VISITORS ONLY and should not be utilized by your employees. Parking in the surface lot is free, but is limited to shorter timeframes. Following is the current rate schedule for garage visitor parking:


*Max Rate is $5.00

0 – 30 Min FREE
30 Min – 1 Hour $1.00
1 – 2 Hours $2.00
2 – 3 Hours $3.00
3 – 4 Hours $4.00
4 – 24 Hours $5.00
Lost Ticket $5.00

Visitor ticket validation is dictated by your lease agreement. Please contact the Management Office at 713.871.0050 should you have any questions.


We offer amenities to our monthly contract parkers:

  • Battery Starts – For problems starting your vehicle, just call the parking office at 713-871-8836 and they will jump start your vehicle at no charge to help you get on your way.
  • Flat Tire changes – Call the parking office and as long as you have a spare tire, they will change your tire for you at no charge.

Get In Touch

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