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Emergency Procedures

Each Customer at move-in is asked to complete a Customer Contact & Information Form. This form is simply a list of contact names and phone numbers to be used in case of an emergency. These names and phone numbers are kept in a confidential file. This information should be updated any time there are changes in personnel previously designated as an emergency contact. A copy of this form is included in this handbook.

In the event of inclement weather such as a hurricane, the Management Team will be available by calling the main number at 713-871-0500.

The safety and security of Customers in Post Oak Central buildings are our highest management priorities. With this interest for your safety in mind, we have provided you with abbreviated instructions on certain emergency procedures.


Detailed information regarding fire safety is contained in the Fire Safety Plan, approved by the City of Houston, and attached hereto.


If you receive a bomb threat, try to get as much information from the caller as possible: location, type of device, detonation time and the reason for the bomb. Immediately call 911 and then notify the Management Office at 713-871-0500.

You are encouraged to be aware of suspicious persons wandering about in offices, corridors and restrooms. Suspicious persons should be reported to the Management Office at 713-871-0500 immediately. Delivery people and repairmen should be monitored while in your office. Do not leave your office unattended and unlocked for any reason.

It is recommended the Customers develop their own Bomb Threat Action Plan to be followed upon receipt of a threat. Persons participating in these plans should be carefully selected. Secretaries and receptionists generally receive most bomb threats and should be trained to react calmly.


Civil disturbances are not easily categorized. Depending on the organization responsible for the disturbance, they may range from calm groups of picketers to violent destructive mobs. Frequently, calm groups escalate to violent mobs. Eliminating the threat of violence and destruction is the goal of this section.

Often, political interest groups, disgruntled employees and striking employees will let it be known that they intend to demonstrate, picket, etc., at a certain location. Should you receive such information, please communicate it to the Management Office immediately.

It is recommended that Customers develop their own Civil Disturbance Action Plan to inform and safeguard their employees.


Hurricanes are a potential threat from June through November in the Houston area and often cause electrical power to be disrupted. During loss of primary power, Centerpoint works to restore service via a secondary source. Post Oak Central is equipped with a transfer switch. Customers with vital energy power requirements should consider auxiliary generators for their own use. Telephone service may be interrupted during severe weather. Telephone companies have the capability of installing emergency service lines to Customers having compatible switching equipment. Customers requiring emergency service should ask their telephone representative for specific information.

Customers are discouraged from remaining in the building during the storm and should arrange for employees to leave in time to secure their homes. Notify the Management Office of your intent to evacuate. Parking areas will have additional manpower to assist persons departing the premises.

Hurricanes are often characterized by violent weather, a calm period, and a resumption of violent weather. Do not assume too quickly that the adverse weather has ended. Customers should not attempt to reenter the building until all danger has passed.

After the storm, please report all safety hazards such as exposed wiring, broken glass, etc., to the Management Office. The building’s Emergency Action Team will conduct a thorough search for safety hazards and repairs will be made as quickly as possible.


Medical emergencies can range from minor falls to life-threatening situations. In these situations, summoning emergency medical personnel who can stabilize a victim and transport him to a medical facility is the first priority. Immediately call 911 and notify the Security Office at 713-961-0250 to report the location and nature of the emergency. Security will dispatch personnel to meet and escort the medical personnel to the location of the emergency and secure elevators for their exclusive use.


Post Oak Central buildings have been designed to minimize the risk of a general power failure resulting from causes within the building. Should a power failure occur, it typically will affect either an isolated area of the building or a large geographic area of which the building is a part.

All suites and public areas are equipped with independently powered exit signs and emergency lights. These will remain lit in a general power failure, but may only last for a limited time period, usually 45 minutes.

In the event of an electrical failure, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Contact the Management Office at 713-871-0500
  • Open draperies and raise blinds to let in outside light. If there is adequate lighting from windows, continue to perform assigned tasks as well as possible.
  • If you are instructed to evacuate the building, lock all areas of your premises.
  • Do not congregate in the lobby areas or in the street.
  • If you are trapped in an elevator during a power failure, do not panic. Wait for assistance. Your elevator may cease operation, but will not fail. Do not attempt to force the doors open or escape through the roof hatch. Use the red button in the elevator to signal Security and to notify them of your location. The buildings are equipped with emergency generators, which will activate within a few minutes furnishing power to the elevators. The elevator will then travel to the selected floor and the doors will open.

The Management Office will notify you as soon as possible when power will be restored.