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Property Services and Facilities


Post Oak Central furnishes air conditioning and heating services during normal hours of operation. Unless otherwise stated in your lease agreement, these hours are considered 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, and from 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays upon request. Schedules outside of this time frame are considered “overtime air” and are provided at Customer’s expense upon request only.


Scheduling overtime air has never been easier! Accessible 24/7 through our website, a user name and password are assigned to each customer for ease of access to the HVAC system. Forms must be faxed to the Management Office no later than 2:00 PM on the evening it is requested. NOTE: Although the building is considered open on Saturday, we have made an effort to conserve energy and if you require air during this timeframe, we must receive a written request. Requests for air during normal business hours will not be billed back.To request overtime air, please click here.


The Conference Center is perfect for your next business seminar, employee meeting, Executive meeting, audio/web conference, employee training session, holiday party or retirement party! Comfortably conduct any size meeting in one of our meeting rooms; Boardroom - up to 60 auditorium style seating or Conference Center – up to 160 auditorium style seating. Catering and food delivery is permissible. There is a kitchen attached to the larger conference facility containing a refrigerator, icemaker and sink and is ideal for buffet style serving. Restroom facilities are conveniently located near the back entrance of the conference center. Avoid the hassles and higher costs associated with traveling to offsite facilities. The conference center is available weekdays from 7:00AM to 6:00PM and after hours on a case-by-case basis.

The Conference Center is centrally located on the first floor of Three Post Oak Central, and is for the exclusive use of our Post Oak Central campus customers. The room is subject to all Post Oak Central building rules and regulations (a copy of which can be obtained by request from the Management Office). The rental rate is $150 flat rate for the Boardroom and $300 flat rate for the Auditorium, includes fees for HVAC and cleaning. A $50 configuration fee will be charged for setups other than the conference layout (Boardroom) or classroom layout (Auditorium). The rental fee will be billed back in conjunction with the normal monthly customer bill-back charges.

Reservations are made online only and login credentials are needed. Please contact your facility or office manager to inquire about login information.


Janitorial services are provided Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays, as determined by Landlord). If customer’s use of the Premises, floor coverings or other improvements requires special services in excess of the standard services for the Building, customer shall pay the additional cost attributable to the special services. Feel free to contact the Management Office at any time for a detailed schedule of services. Carlos Romero is our onsite janitorial supervisor and is quick to respond to any and all issues.

Here at Post Oak Central, we recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard. Receptacles for all recyclable items are provided for each suite by the Management Office. Paper receptacles are emptied on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (or as needed if they fill up quickly). Plastic and aluminum receptacles are emptied on Tuesday and Thursday. Cardboard is picked up as needed – just set aside your material and please mark as "trash" or "basura" and the night crew will pick it up!

Additionally, we have the ability to recycle batteries on an “as needed” basis. Please contact the Management Office at 713.871.0050 for more information.


Elevator service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If an elevator fails to operate properly, please notify the Management Office at 713-871-0500 or the Security Office at 713-961-0250.

The building is not equipped with a freight elevator; therefore, for moving of anything other than standard office delivery fare, it will be necessary to schedule with the Management Office so that we can properly pad and protect the elevator cabs.

If for some reason an elevator does malfunction and you are detained inside the elevator cab, DO NOT PANIC! Push the alarm button inside the elevator cab to notify the responder of your predicament. You will be contacted through an intercom system and given instruction. The elevator contractor will be notified immediately and a technician dispatched to correct the problem. During normal business hours, these technicians are on-site and can respond very quickly. Members of our staff will remain in constant contact to keep you informed on the progress of the situation.


Our pest control service is environmentally friendly and consists of an annual application. Should you have any problems arise (i.e. ants, gnats, etc.), please let us know and we will arrange for individual (billable) service by our contractor.

The most effective pest control is prevention! Maintaining clean kitchen areas and keeping food away from desk drawers will diminish the likelihood of individual pest problems.


These moving and delivery guidelines have been developed to ensure a safe and efficient move for you and your organization. Following these guidelines will expedite your move and protect the people handling the move as well as your property and the building itself. These guidelines are not meant to hamper or restrict your moving process, but rather to safeguard the elements involved in the process. We want your move to be as smooth as possible and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Moving hours are anytime Monday through Friday after 5:30 PM and all day Saturday and Sunday. One Trip “Light Deliveries” can be scheduled during the day WITH PRIOR MANAGEMENT APPROVAL between the hours of 9:30-10:30am and 2:00-4:00pm.

The building is not equipped with a freight elevator; therefore, for moving of anything other than standard office delivery fare, it will be necessary to schedule with the Management Office so that we can properly pad and protect the elevator cabs.

It is important to contact the Management Office several days in advance in order to obtain approval, prepare our staff for the move and obtain insurance coverage for the movers. All deliveries that have not been announced and approved may result in restriction of the delivery upon their arrival.

Your moving contractor will be responsible for any damage to the building incurred during the move. To avoid unnecessary damage, we suggest that you pad or otherwise protect all entrances, doorways and walls affected by the move, and cover all floor surfaces traversed during the move with appropriate material. The mover is responsible for disposing of all trash, packing cartons and other materials used during the move. Additionally, any electrical problems or equipment breakdowns, which occur during the move, should be immediately reported to the Management Office at 713-871-0500.

Your cooperation is essential to this process, and we ask that you instruct your vendors to abide by these rules.


The Management Office maintains the directory boards in all three buildings, via our web portal. There is also a directory board on Level 21 of all three buildings. The Management Office provides electronic listings for new and existing customers at no charge and changes can be made at any time.

GRAPHICS (Suite Identification, Signs and Notices)

Building standard suite identification plaques are provided by the Landlord for the Customer’s main entry. This includes all lettering, suite numbers and/or logos. Additional text or changes after installation will be at the Customer’s expense. Please feel free to contact the Management Office with any questions at 713-871-0500.

Please do not tape temporary or non-building standard signs to the building walls, suite doors, building or elevator lobby doors, or elevator walls.

Interior signage or graphics, such as company logo or office name plates, will also be at Customer’s expense. The Management Office can coordinate the project by utilizing one of its own approved contractors or you may use an alternate contractor. You must provide the contractor’s information and insurance certificate for approval by the Management Office.


New customers receive two keys per entry lock at no charge. Additional keys may be purchased by contacting the Management Office at 713-871-0500. These keys are provided by Post Oak Central’s full-service locksmith who is onsite every Tuesday and Thursday. All locks must be keyed to the building’s master key system and can only be done by Post Oak Central’s locksmith.


The United States Postal Office serving Post Oak Central is Rich Hill located at 2950 Unity, Houston, Texas 77057. This station services each of the buildings separately and the daily pick-up schedule is posted on the door of the mail centers. The mail centers for 1POC and 3POC are located in the basement of each building. The mail center for 2POC is located in the garage elevator lobby area.

Mailbox keys and mailbox assignments are handled in the Management Office by calling 713-871-0500.


FedEx – 1POC Mail Room, 2POC (Near Mail Room) & 3POC Basement
UPS – 1POC Mail Room, 2POC (Near Mail Room) & 3POC Basement
Lone Star – 2POC (Near Mail Room)


All payments should be made to PKY POC I LLC. Statements or invoices identifying the monthly base rent and/or estimated operating expense share will not be provided. However, invoices for miscellaneous charges and to indicate modifications to estimated operating expense share will be provided.

PO Box 842561
Dallas, TX 75284-2561

Bank of America Lockbox Services
Lockbox 842561
1950 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 5010
Dallas, TX 75207

Bank Account Name: PKY POC I LLC
Account # 898052444596
ACH Routing Number: 063 100 277
Wire Routing Number: 026 009 593
Wire Bank Name: Bank of America, Florida

Please be sure to indicate your Lease # on your check, along with the month and charges you are paying.


Pets of any kind are prohibited in all Post Oak Central buildings. The pest control and cleaning services provided by the Management Office do not cover expenses related to pets. Designated guide dogs are specifically excluded from this policy.

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