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Smoking Policy


In October of 2006, the City of Houston passed an ordinance to ban smoking inside public places, places of employment, seated areas of outdoor events and such. Smoking is also prohibited within 25 feet outside entrances, exits, or wheelchair ramps serving any entrance or exit, operable windows, and ventilation systems of enclosed areas where smoking is prohibited, so as to ensure that tobacco smoke does not enter those areas. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes and similar smoking devices.

The property management for Post Oak Central is required to enforce this ordinance at all times. Person(s) unwilling to abide by the ordinance may result in a citation by a City of Houston Police Department Officer.

You may print the ordinance by following this link: http://www.houstontx.gov/health/Environmental/2007smoking.pdf


As many of you have noticed e-cigarettes have grown in popularity over the last year. Unfortunately, we do not know that they are safe and need to restrict them until further research is conducted. Since e-cigarettes are not regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, there is no scientific data to support the safety of them for the user or others in close proximity, who involuntarily inhale the emitted vapors.

E-cigarette promotions claiming that the vapor only includes pure nicotine and that the water vapor is harmless are misleading. The aerosol emitted from electronic cigarettes is not purely water vapor but contains nicotine, ultrafine particles and low levels of toxins that are known to cause cancer.

According to a comprehensive new study review by UC San Francisco’s Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, users could also be inhaling and exhaling low levels of chemicals such as formaldehyde, propylene glycol and acetaldehyde (to name a few), and this secondhand vapor could be a potentially toxic source of indoor air pollution.

Until further research has been concluded, Property Management must maintain that Post Oak Central is a tobacco free property and e-cigarettes are not allowed to be smoked within the building. All smokers of e-cigarettes must do so in the designated smoking areas.


The Management Office has designated smoking areas with benches and ash urns away from the building entrances in the following locations:

  • On the 2nd level of the One Post Oak Central Garage at the southwest corner
  • On the 2nd level of the Two Post Oak Central Garage adjacent to the garage gates
  • On the 3rd level of the Three Post Oak Central Garage at the northeast corner
  • At the Main Fountain located in the Central Park